Need Video content?
Video Content as a service!

We brainstorm ideas, shoot and deliver films to social media every day, week and month.
Fixed price with no hidden costs, Klara Färdiga Film, quite simply!

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No surprises

We got tired of expensive and unpredictable “Hollywood productions” and decided to do something about it. Readymade packages with fixed prices.

Subscribe per month

Do you need 4, 6 or 8 videos per month? Or why not let us tailor a package based upon your needs.

We got creative ideas

As experienced content creators we help you to brainstorm ideas and plan your film shoots so you can focus on doing other stuff.

Film shoot, feedback, delivery!

We bring all necessary equipment to the film shoot, edit your videos according to your preferences and make them in the right formats for your channels. After feedback rounds we deliver your films ready to publish!


I think they have a really good concept, also very fast and efficient. You can test a lot of ideas and see what works

– Amanda Mohlin Stuart,


No time or budget to produce content for social media?

We created the concept “Video Content as a service”, to deliver films and photos to post every day, week, and month.


How to choose a package?

Package is based upon your need and actual delivery that month. Lets say you want to produce 4 films one month, and 8 month the next, that’s all up to you!

For this price can you deliver enough quality for us?

We deliver high quality content for all our customers. Look at our content sections where we showcase some of our productions and see for yourself.

Its too much with 4 films for us?

We created our Bergman package for customers who may be in the beginning of their journey. You can choose to do 4x30sec, 2x1 min films, or perhaps one longer 2 min film for a testimonial if that’s more suitable.

Ideas, I don’t have any ideas?

No worries, we help you with everything from brain storming ideas, doing film-shoot to deliver final production!

Come on are you for real?!

Yes, we are for real and you are more than welcome to talk to our customers about it!

How do we get going?

Sign our form here, and we will get back to you within 12 hours to get you started!



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