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We created Klara Färdiga Film 2020 because we saw a great need in the market. Organizations wanted to focus more on film and content in social media, but they had problem executing their strategy.

We found that most organizations want to do more, but cant due to 3 things…

  • Historically it has been very expensive to produce films, we call it “Hollywood productions” which is not realistic when doing it for social.
  • Lack of resources or equipment to do it, doing professional film requires both competence and equipment inhouse which can be tough for a marketing department.
  • It’s very time consuming to make up ideas, plan film-shoots and edit the films. So even though you have it inhouse, you probably won’t do it frequently anyway.

Instead of doing more, organizations do less.

To solve this challenge, we thought we would make it very easy for our customers. Three ready-made packages with predictable costs to be consumed monthly. We help you with brainstorming ideas, making the film-shoot, and deliver final production, every month.

Klara Färdiga Film, quite simply!


Let your customers say why others should buy your product or service. Testimonials on social media is a powerful tool acquiring new customers.

Brand films.

How do you want your prospects to perceive your business? Brand films is an effective way to build trust and image for your company over time.

Social ads.

Whether its organic or paid ads, we need to be able to test different film ideas. Do more film, enable A/B testing and find out the best way for your organization to communicate.

Lots more.

We help our customers brainstorm and find ideas that they never tried before.

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We do all formats.

No matter if you need 9:16, 16:9 or 1:1, using it for Instagram, TikTok, or Linkedin, we got it…

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