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According to the report, more than 54% of online buyers use social media to research a product before buying it. The same report also says that about 64% of these buyers prefer to watch videos of products on social media before buying them. These reports suggest that social media plays a vital role in a business’s success.

Therefore, most businesses invest in social media marketing nowadays. However, grabbing people’s attention through social media marketing is a matter of expertise. Running a successful and engaging campaign on social media takes years of practice. Besides experience and skills, a person should have the creativity to run a social media campaign. Creating content is easy to get people’s attention, and a business can use this to attract more potential buyers.

The Rising Uses of Animated Videos for Social Media

Traditionally, people use different types of content for social media marketing. Text content for social media has become boring as people like visual content. Instead of using still images, businesses can use videos for social media marketing to make the campaign more engaging.

However, creativity has no limit, and social media marketers should find more innovative approaches to grab people’s attention. The best way to grab the attention of social media users is by using animated videos. Using animation in a social media marketing campaign has a lot of benefits, which we’ll discuss next.

1. Draw Viewer’s Attention Quickly

A marketing campaign’s ultimate goal is to draw the public’s attention. Your business will enjoy faster recognition if your social media campaign catches eyeballs easily. People love watching animated videos, characters, etc. Moreover, animated characters often attract people belonging to different age groups.

Animation has a natural way of making people happy since animated characters are often funny. Since animation can draw attention easily, businesses can create and use animated characters to build strong brand value. Still, it’s important to use animated videos in the social media campaign to make it more interesting.

2. Convey Complex Ideas in the Simplest Ways

People love animated videos because they explain complex ideas most simply. Nowadays, many startups come up with complex ideas. People are still afraid to try products and services from these businesses because the ideas seem hard. Therefore, startups need to find a way to explain their services more convincingly.

Using text content to explain complex ideas can become boring. Most people do not have the patience to read long texts on social media nowadays. On the other hand, images can explain complex ideas easily if you master the art of creating infographics. The animated videos are the upgraded versions of the infographics, as the videos explain complicated things in simple ways. As a result, hesitant leads can be converted into buyers for your business.

3. Make the Posts Memorable

An advertising campaign should be impactful, and the impact should be such that people will remember the campaign for a long time. Running memorable advertising campaigns is a dream for every business, though only a few can develop such campaigns.

The campaign will become memorable if it involves creativity. For example, you may have noticed various advertising campaigns on TV. But, companies that use animation often become popular among people. So, animation helps to make your social media campaign memorable. Running a great campaign brings in more people who might be interested in buying your goods or services.

4. Everyone Loves Animated Content

One of the distinctive benefits of animated content is the acceptance of such content among different kinds of people. Kids love animation, as they are often fond of cartoons. So, an animated ad for a business with products or services for kids can easily get people’s attention.

On the other hand, adults also love animated content on social media. People browse social media after a stressful day at the workplace. Therefore, they often seek content that involves something refreshing. Social media users will think an animated video is essential, which will help your business succeed.

5. Develop a Distinctive Brand Identity

A business is driven by its brand identity, and every business searches for unique ways of developing a strong brand identity. Even though you offer exceptional products and services, your brand identity will eventually drive your sales. Despite providing top-notch products, businesses fail due to a lack of innovation in branding.

Your business will obtain unique brand recognition due to animation in social media campaigning. Developing an animated mascot is recommended for running animated video campaigns on social media. The mascot will become popular, and people will learn about your business when they come across the animated mascot.

6. Stay Ahead of the Competitors

Business marketing is promoting products or services and giving tough competition to rivals. In today’s fast-paced world, businesses often face cut-throat competition. While many companies sustain themselves in the competitive environment, some businesses fail miserably.

Staying one step ahead in competition is essential for businesses that belong to highly competitive sectors. The best way to beat the competition is by using innovation in a business marketing campaign. Spending money on animated videos makes it easy to create a new campaign on social media.

7. Get More Leads from Social Media

Organic leads are important for every business, and social media is an excellent way to find them. However, a social media campaign will only get you leads if your campaign is creative. So, you should find creative ways of running your business marketing campaign on social media.

Animated videos have the perfect creativity to grab people’s attention and bring more leads to your business. Since animated videos create a good impression on people, converting the leads into buyers becomes easier.

8. Boost Your Sales

Since animated videos on social media bring in more leads for your business, sales will keep going up. Sales growth happens for a few critical reasons. Firstly, obtaining more leads increases sales quickly. Secondly, fetching organic leads to the website enhances the conversion rate. Animated videos can serve both these purposes for your business and provide a long-lasting boost to your business.

9. Increase Social Media Campaign’s ROI

“ROI” stands for “Return on Investment,” which is essential for businesses to consider when they want to spend money on a business marketing campaign. A good return on investment suggests that your business marketing campaign is on the right track.

Using animated videos in social media campaigns can significantly boost the return on investment. Running a campaign on social media can be expensive, especially if you want to include animated videos. But animated videos improve the campaign’s engagement and fetch more leads for your business. As a result, the return on investment of your social media campaign rises sharply.

10. Develop a Profound and Long-Sustainable Brand Value

Animation is a quick way to get your brand known, but a business needs to keep that attention and make the most of it. Animated videos for social media campaigns can provide a long-sustainable brand value, as people tend to remember such social media campaigns for a long time.

A long-lasting brand identity ensures that your business survives for a long time. Moreover, it also helps you beat the competitors and hold a unique market position for a long time.


So, these are the benefits of using animated videos on social media to improve brand identity and profitability. An animated video campaign with a few unique characters helps a business stand out from the crowd. Such a campaign will further help you stay ahead in the competition against rival businesses.