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According to surveys, small and medium-sized businesses are doing better with video, particularly during COVID-19. A research on the behavior of small business marketers suggests a greater emphasis on video marketing and the use of films to rank well in searches. According to the report, video is the most successful type of internet marketing content, with 64% of respondents agreeing. And nearly half of the respondents concurred that making videos is essential for expanding their businesses. In addition to that, a study conducted by Cisco also claims that by 2022, video will make up 82% of all internet traffic.

In this article, we’d be discussing factors that essentially sharpen your video marketing skills and help you reach your target audience. So, without any further ado, let’s scrutinize the intricacies:


  • Since video content gets shared 1200 percent more frequently than text- and image-based postings combined, it is the ideal strategy for companies trying to expand their organic reach.
  • Similar to this, favorable ROI figures for video content have been on the rise for years, rising from 33% in 2015 to 87% in 2021. Businesses and marketers have both taken note and have redirected funds to hire videographers to produce new marketing materials for their websites, email campaigns, social media platforms and even “OTT” video advertisements on streaming platforms.

These factors simply imply how important video marketing as an aspect is in the marketing sphere.


Businesses are employing more and more videos to interact with their customers as a result of quicker network connectivity. Videos are used by many companies, including perhaps your rivals, to help them gain value from their viewers. Exactly why should you share videos on social media? YouTube posts

  • Continue to be seen on social media longer
  • Gain more awareness and participation
  • Improve consumer awareness of your product
  • More distinctive
  • Give your audience a more personable way to interact with you
  • Are effective sales tools
  • Gaining ground in search
  • Are becoming more prevalent across platforms


Here are a few strategies that have worked wonderfully for video marketing campaigns and are in vogue in 2022:

1. Set-up a schedule:

Instead of posting videos at random, it’s crucial to see your videos as campaigns because viewers demand frequent content updates. Consider telling stories, then divide them into portions, uploading a new installment every week. Make a posting schedule once the content of your videos has been decided. Setting up and sticking to a regular posting schedule can entice viewers to return for more videos. You can also distribute your movies over time and utilize them to build anticipation among viewers for a significant product launch or a noteworthy announcement. 

In order to keep your audience interested in your material, continuously implementing fresh campaigns in accordance with your posting schedule. If you consistently publish valuable video material, it will also aid in establishing your company as a leader in your sector.

2. Work on Storytelling:

Who doesn’t enjoy reading gripping stories that keep you on the edge of your seat. You may increase audience engagement by including stories in your video material. Look for ways to tell stories with your videos rather than just introducing your business, your mission and your products. How does your business affect your customers? 

Do you contribute to the neighborhood? Ask yourself these questions and create your narrative and make sure to use videos to communicate it with your audience!

3. Demonstrate Regular Tutorials:

Want to describe the operation of your products? You may provide content that illustrates how to use them via video marketing. Before making a purchase, a potential customer can watch your films if they have any questions regarding your goods or services. Customers’ worries can be allayed through tutorials and demonstrations, which also boosts their confidence in their choice to buy a certain good or service. More site visitors will become happy customers as a result of this.

4. Make sure you’re being yourself:

Your videos are an excellent way to present the culture of your business. Boring videos aren’t what people want to watch. They are more inclined to watch intriguing videos with lots of personality. Consider what makes your company unique, and emphasize it in your films. Avoid wasting time on videos that are unfair to your business.

5. Make the most of call-to-actions:

Incorporate calls to action into your videos. Let people know if you want them to visit your website or follow you on social media. If there is voiceover in the video, the speaker can easily direct viewers to perform the necessary action. Additionally, you can add text to your videos that directs viewers to your website and invites them to look around for additional details. Customers may like your movie, but if they don’t know what to do after watching it, you could be wasting time and money. It’s easy to include a call to action, and it can lead to conversions that otherwise might not have occurred.

6. Keep it in sync with SEO:

Did you realize that YouTube videos are indexed by Google? So you have the chance to appear more than once in a single search when someone looks for your brand and a certain term. You can use keywords in your video descriptions to optimize your videos. Additionally, you can include shortened links with calls to action that invite visitors to your website or a landing page featuring a particular promotion. You can also use YouTube’s tagging feature, which classifies your videos based on similarity and assesses their relevancy. When people watch content that is similar to your video, this will help it show up as an “associated video.”


The use of video in marketing campaigns is highly recommended. More than ever, it is simple for companies to produce and distribute top-notch video content. If you don’t already include video in your content strategy, you might want to think over or re-evaluate your entire marketing journey. The stats speak volumes about its success and if marketers can align video marketing strategies with the trends that exist, they can anticipate great success in the future!


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