With the help of our expert explainer videos, you can communicate better with your audience by simplifying your content and telling engaging visual stories.

Our animated video production company called Klara Färdiga Films works with clients from all around the world. The purpose of our business is to establish exemplary relationships with each of our clients. We also assist them in achieving their professional objectives by offering them a variety of animated video production services. We provide whiteboard animation, app explanation videos, 2D and 3D animation, illustration and SO MUCH MORE!



Your videos are turned into short films using our storytelling technique. Your own business story is our medium at Klara Färdiga Films. We deliver unique animated video production solutions in the form of short films that make you visible in the marketing firm. Our films feature captivating graphics and animation that will motivate your viewers to take action. 

All you have to do is follow three simple steps:

  • The "Schedule A Call" call-to-action will take you to a brief contact form. You'll have the option to call us whenever is most convenient soon after submitting your form.
  • We will discuss the specifics of your project during our conversation, address any questions you may have, and offer our recommendations. We'll send you a proposal later so you and your team and any other interested parties may review it.
  • We'll send you a questionnaire and an invitation to a kick-off call as soon as you accept the proposal so that we can agree on your project. You'll constantly be informed as things progress, and we'll get started right away. That's all there is to it.

A diverse range of projects make up the video production repertoire. At Klara Färdiga Films, we understand your concern pretty well. Here’s what we offer under the services we offer:

Explainer Videos

Commercial Productions


Social Media Video Production

Educational Videos

Customer’s Video Testimonials


Company Story Production

2D/3D Animations

Video Series Production

Internal Communication

Business Story Production

— Like every other

marketing connoisseur

we definitely have a solid strategy to follow in order to stand out in the game.

  • We are accustomed to teaching really difficult subjects, so we are aware of the right questions to ask and the right details to get from you. It won't be necessary for you to constantly describe what you do or create your own video type requirement
  • We create videos that are tailored to your brand and uphold the reputation of your business since that's what you want. Both your target audience and your CEO will be impressed by your video- you bet!
  • Our field-tested production schedule, which includes feedback loops, keeps you informed and your project on track for successful completion.
  • High value and low risk for your company come from our extensive knowledge and singular emphasis on making great explainer videos. You won't get the generic- "yes guys," but rather a team that pushes you and your business to achieve your main objectives.

— Klara Färdiga Films


We, at Klara Färdiga Films, aim to work with businesses of varied sizes. Whatever aspect you may be dealing in, do know we’d make a video for you. Check out the industries we’re looking forward to work with:

  • Agencies dealing in video production
  • Video production for start-ups
  • Non-profit video production
  • Video production for corporate
  • Video production for the Education sphere
  • Healthcare video production


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