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We’re all familiar with the genius behind ad films, but ever wondered what made them stand out, particularly? Do some brand films exist that carry an identity worthy enough to stand the test of time and still be remembered through generations? Do brand films still catch eyes as means of sheer entertainment or is their significance about to dim ahead?

Cease the worry as this blog brings forth examples of some of the most remarkable ad films of all times. Let’s have a look:

What makes a brand film great?

A strong brand film has the potential to be reposted and used to reshape the viewers’ perceptions of your company on other channels. A remarkable brand video can demonstrate a chance of a significant return on investment because they can highlight your company’s expansion and amazing worldwide reach. Social media is a powerful tool to use in your company branding films, even in a professional situation. Take Instagram Reels or YouTube Shorts as examples. Your business can communicate with an infinite number of individuals and present your brand idea loud and clear among the mass. The very “reach” factor improves brand recognition and enables the option to attract more engagement- which of course, is an essential factor that works in the longer run! Especially, when you’re working on creating an audience base that would stay loyal to you.

In addition to that, the idea of spreading out  your business far and wide is valid because that’s how you introduce who you are in the market. Once that is done in a strategic manner, you can decide accordingly on whether you’re wanting to provide quarterly updates to investors or are you wanting to create any specific kind of videos to potential employees. This form of evergreen brand video marketing is a very affordable strategy to spread the word about your company online and keep it current and most importantly, how well they’re keeping up with the trends. The best corporate marketing videos blend pleasure and emotional involvement with information and education, turning the collective into the individual. Since the aim is to enlighten the audience about your company’s goals, make sure you capture and hold the audience’s attention with compelling storytelling and engaging filmmaking, yielding measurable outcomes and foster brand trust. That’s literally the bare minimum you’d have to!

Some Examples of Great Brand Films

Despite all that’s been said above, do we really have a few remarkable brand films that people today, STILL, talk about? The answer- in a very upright manner, is a YES. Here is a list of their abouts:

Nike: Moving mountains

The convergence of entertainment and advertising is celebrated in Nike’s “Moving Mountains.” It is a Nike Journal episodic series, investigates the tales of heroic yet commonplace athletes from throughout the world. These athletic stories encourage spectators to support the players’ goals. In addition to that, they become emotionally invested in the outcome by emphasizing the pursuit of personal truths and purpose. As a result, Nike’s brand stays firmly in the minds of viewers, inspiring them to go out and achieve their best selves — while wearing Nike shoes, of course.

Schneider Electric: The Song That Moved The World

Although Schneider Electric provides energy management systems, this video’s main point is not about them. No, this film makes its target audience of electrical engineers smile by using a ridiculous-yet-almost-believable scenario. It demonstrates that the business knows its clients and why their area of work is so meticulous about the minor things. Schneider Electric created a strong basis for re-engaging their audience by emotionally engaging with them. They advise leads to keep them in mind when looking for new electrical suppliers since they share their values of care and dedication.

Heineken: Worlds Apart

It begins with a social experiment; consider a situation where two strangers who hold very different opinions come across each other. Put them in a situation where they must collaborate and get to know one another while doing so. Then play back films of each of them expressing their ideas on a variety of subjects. Will they want to leave after all that or stay and chat over a beer? To find out, you’ll have to watch. Although it appears straightforward, this brand of movie executes every detail flawlessly. It has a strong emotional reward and is both interesting and funny. Above all, it propagates the principles of respect for one another and living life to the fullest, upon which Heineken earned their reputation.

Shopify: UNITE: Mobilizing Entrepreneurship

Simply put: three people from very varied backgrounds are followed in this Shopify brand film as they share how they met by chance and collaborated despite their geographic separation to mobilize entrepreneurship. This marketing video embodies the idea of “helping others to benefit oneself,” which is something that most, if not all, people can agree with. Shopify demonstrates the idea that you may succeed by forging your own path in the minds of viewers, most likely by creating a Shopify account.

Microsoft: What Are You Going To Make?

Many marketing films use the popular techniques of empowerment and encouragement. Microsoft employees are reminded of the importance of ongoing innovation in improving the world by a challenge to the status quo. This video encourages students and viewers about what we can accomplish when we commit ourselves to diversity through interview footage with young, female students and a showcase of the largely unheralded women inventors who have brought us everyday lifesavers like windscreen wipers, laser cataract surgery and several other unconventional roles!

These were some of the most talked-about brand films that are also used as brilliant examples for one to take inspiration from. If you have a concept of a certain brand film for your brand, do yourself a favor and reach out to Klara Fardiga Films who know exactly what to bring on the table for you. Make sure you drop a hello today!