Creating Engaging Healthcare Video Content: Some Things to Keep in Mind


Videos are captivating, emotional, and shareable. They work well for increasing brand visibility and generating more traffic to the website. According to a study, people research nursing homes, physical therapists, optometrists, and other health-related information before they schedule an appointment. When your video marketing works, it builds trust in your brand, getting the attention of people looking for healthcare services. 

One more study states that 80% of online visitors are more likely to watch health-related video content than read a piece of written content. Hence, your organization needs healthcare video marketing to attract potential new patients. To make a powerful video, you need a lot of things, like a clear story, creativity, exciting visuals, and a quick pace. These factors also apply when you create healthcare video content, but there are more things you need to consider. 

Tips for creating an engaging healthcare video content

If you use these tips, your healthcare videos will be more effective and have a bigger effect on your viewers. 

Create educational videos

The primary goal of healthcare marketers is to provide their target audience with the necessary knowledge and teachings. You can create videos explaining different medical conditions and their symptoms. You can also discuss your area of expertise and your best therapies. 

Another informational video you can create is for educating patients on what to do if they have a specific medical condition. You can create a video featuring a physical therapist who details the exercises required to rehabilitate an ankle sprain. A video explaining when to get surgery for a specific condition is also a good idea.

Avoid using technical jargon and medical terms, as they may confuse your viewers. Create a simple video that quickly explains medical terms and encourages patients to get the best treatment for their condition.

Inspire people with your story

You can create an About Us video that displays your journey, achievements, and goals. You can use visual graphics and good music to make the video more engaging. You can talk about the institution’s accomplishments in the past few years.

You should also know about your audience, as patients and their family members, friends, and caregivers will view your video. Empathy for your target audience allows your brand to connect with them more personally. You should ensure that your story sticks in the minds of the people you want to hear.

For instance, you can create a video showing the magical moment when a couple receives the news they are becoming first-time parents. You can also create a video of a patient going home fully recovered from a medical condition. 

Introduce the healthcare professionals in your video

When making healthcare video content, you should include your healthcare professionals. You can create a series of videos for each healthcare professional, such as a dentist, doctor, trainer, heart specialist, dietitian, and more. The series of videos helps potential patients become familiar with the healthcare professional’s team. It also helps your patient build trust in the healthcare team’s efforts.

You should put this information in your videos, such as the healthcare team’s qualifications, experiences, and years of expertise. A study suggests adding a video to your front page can boost your conversion rate by up to 80%. You can post these types of videos on the front page of your website. 

Consider patient testimonial videos

Testimonial videos are a great way to market your business and build patient trust. Testimonial videos show how reliable your organization is. You can create a video that features your patients talking about their experiences and recovery at your institute or how your institute helped them during their difficult times. 

These videos create more influential and engaging video marketing than other advertisements, as they directly influence the potential patient’s choice and perception of your organization. A well-produced testimonial video can increase website traffic. When making these videos, you should put yourself in the patient’s shoes and create something that will make the patient relate to the stories mentioned in these videos. 

Safety procedure videos

Creating a video shows that your healthcare team follows all the safety precautions, including adequate measures against COVID-19 in your organization. Show your audience that your facility poses no risk to their health, and encourage them to choose you. Keep well-trained staff and qualified doctors in your faculty, enabling patients to come.

It would help if you showed that all your professionals and other staff are fully vaccinated and wear masks and other safety equipment all the time. Make the safety of your patients your top priority. You can also make videos about these topics, such as first aid for various conditions and accidents. Provide helpful videos regarding the safety concerns of a patient. 

Medical procedure videos

Many organizations also explain complicated medical procedures like surgery in a short animated video with colorful graphics. These videos are also informative, but they focus on the treatment and procedure for a particular illness. Most patients avoid getting a medical procedure as they have different beliefs and fears.

Explaining how a medical procedure is performed helps patients understand and eliminate their fear. A detailed procedure, including your professional teams and the technology they use, gives your patients peace of mind as they know what to expect after the medical procedure. It also encourages patients to make an appointment with their healthcare provider.

Teach new healthy recipes 

A healthy diet is essential for a healthy lifestyle. As a healthcare provider, you must teach your patients healthy and unhealthy foods. You can provide various healthy recipes that range from meals to snacks, desserts, and drinks. Post your recipe video every week to increase your visibility online. 

You can create a video featuring delicious and healthy recipes for patients with chronic illnesses or obesity. Make a video for each condition so your video can reach different audiences. Keep recipe videos creative and straightforward so that everyone can enjoy them. You can also create videos for other topics, such as healthy exercise for specific conditions, to provide your audience with something new. However, keep your video relevant to your organization’s goal. 

Solve a problem

Nowadays, people use the internet to solve their problems. Many brands provide answers to the most frequent questions to increase their visibility. In the healthcare industry, patients also ask common questions regarding their condition, medication, and safety precautions. You can also answer health-related questions, such as what medication a patient should take or what to do if allergic to it. 

For instance, if someone forgets what medication they should take before surgery, they will call their healthcare provider or Google their question. If you can answer this question, you can save that person from delaying their surgery. You can also add these videos to your FAQ page on your website, increasing traffic.

The Bottom Line

These tips help you produce impactful video content for your healthcare organization. Regardless of the types of videos you make and post, healthcare video marketing is flourishing as it quickly gets views and comments. It helps patients trust your organization and encourages them to book appointments. You can seek professional help if you have difficulty shooting video content.