Does your product have a demo video?


A product demonstration video is the perfect sales tool if you are a product-oriented company and want to increase customer engagement and sales. These videos efficiently capture the audience’s attention and get them excited about your product launch.

An informative and exciting product demo video helps your business reach targeted audiences and improve brand awareness. A study found that 71% of consumers find demo videos helpful because they make the product easy to understand. If you are wondering whether you should create a demo video, you should learn about its purpose and advantages.

What is a product demo video?

A product demo video is essential to operate a business, as it lets your customers know how your products work and how to use them more effectively. These videos explain a product’s different features in a visually pleasing manner. 

A demo video introduces your product and explains how it successfully resolves problems. You can create product demo videos for any physical product or service, such as electronics, software, furnishings, tools, clothing, and more. 

What is the purpose of a product demo video?

The main goal of these videos is multifaceted. A business may create a product demo video for various purposes. The goals of this video are as follows:

  • Convince people to purchase your products.
  • Explain to your audience how the product works in real life.
  • Highlight the features and benefits of your product. 
  • Receive feedback, and help brands meet their consumers’ future requirements.

Advantages of demo video for your product

Creating a demo video has several advantages. Here you can learn how demo videos can help your business. 

  • It explains the product’s features.

Demo videos explain your product’s features and benefits in a way that doesn’t make viewers feel like they are watching a commercial—instead, people like videos that have surprises for them. You can use this video to share new features of your existing product with your customers. It helps make your product stand out from other competitive brands. 

  • It introduces customers to new products.

Demo videos are an effective way to introduce new products to your existing customers. You can use this video to encourage people to use your new product. It explains how your new video can be helpful for your client or customer. You can share your product demo video by notifying your existing customers via mail or SMS. 

  • It helps improve the product.

Another advantage of product demo videos is that you can get feedback from your audience on whether or not you have launched your product. With your customer’s feedback on your demo video, you can improve your video and match their demands. You can use analytics to check whether people like your video and if it has anything that prevents people from watching it. Remove the dull parts from the video and product to create an improved one. 

  • It saves time and expenses for advertising.

A demo video doesn’t feel like a video whose sole purpose is to sell its product. Instead, people find demo videos useful. It also saves you money and time you might spend promoting your brand and its products. If you want to sell your products in foreign markets, a demo video is an effective way to introduce them to new people at a low cost. 

  • It shows how it solves a problem.

The best demo videos solve a common issue your customer is currently facing. Most demo video titles start with a question, “How to.” Your audience will encounter your demo video when they look for a specific problem. If your demo video solves a problem well, it will make people more interested and lead to more sales. 

  • It provides a tutorial for customers.

With demo videos, you can interestingly present your products. Nowadays. Brands use effective ways to create a demo video, like a storytelling video. This video includes attractive animations, graphics, background music, and enhanced audio-visual effects that captivate the audience. These videos help the audience get a better experience of the products and understand them easily.

How to plan your product demo video?

Once you understand the importance of a product demo video, the next step is to stick along these steps to create a compelling demo video. 

  • Identify the goal of your demo video.

Before you go recording the demo video, you have to ask yourself what is the key goal of your product demo video. Whether you want to create a demo video for subscriptions, purchases, information, or brand awareness, first decide your video’s objective. You can list these things, such as what you want to show your viewer and what response you want from them.

Consider what businesses need your demo video to accomplish. Your video should encourage the audience to take action after watching it. 

  • Choose the type of video.

There are many types of demo videos you can use for your product. These include screencasts, a live-action video, a talking head video, and an animated product demo video. Learn about each type of demo video and choose the one that aligns with your business. You can use screencasts to introduce your software apps. A talking head video includes the head of a narrator, who speaks directly into the camera and engages the audience using the social aspect of the engagement. Live-action videos are a little pricey, requiring more complex and extensive editing. Animated demo videos are ideal for captivating your audience, as they are entertaining and go well with a storyline. 

  • Find your audience for a demo video.

Targeting your audience before you start planning your demo video is essential. It would be best if you targeted your audience based on their age. Gender, location, interest, personality, buying behavior, and more. Moreover, it would be best if you matched your audience preferences to make a successful demo video. For instance, if you are marketing a product that targets instrument players, you should include cool, high-quality music in the background of the video.

You can create a target audience profile to understand your prospective viewers easily. Create a script, as it ensures you cover everything you want to. Keeping your audience at the center of your video helps you deliver the right message that your target audience finds helpful.

  • Choose the platform for the video.

Generally, brands host their product demo videos online on various channels. You can also share your video through video-sharing platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and more. You can also feature your product demo video on your website. However, you can also keep your demo video only available on specific platforms through a private link. Choosing a medium means you must consider the format and length of your demo video. Select a format and size that goes well with all available video-sharing platforms.


Demo videos serve several purposes and benefit businesses that want to spread brand awareness. If you are considering creating a demo video, create a high-quality and informative video, as it shows that you are a reliable brand. Follow more tips to deliver your product demo video and enjoy its benefits.