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Getting in touch with your customers isn’t always simple. It requires tact, careful wording and information that is empathetic. Because of this, an increasing number of businesses are utilizing unorthodox methods of client communication, such as branded short films. Branded short films are effective marketing tools because they help people engage with one’s business idea through a compelling narrative. Since they highlight a company’s beliefs and mission, branded videos aid in building audience rapport. Branded short films can help raise a company’s mission and values if you need to break free from limiting stereotypes or have a vital message to convey.

What are brand films?

Brand films are quick movies that use storytelling to spread a message and a brand. While advertisements and commercials have long incorporated storytelling techniques, brand films raise the bar for audiovisual creation. They are enabling businesses to tell longer stories through long form content, a format that is becoming more and more difficult as customers’ attention spans get shorter and shorter. Brand films can be as short as a few minutes or as long as 30 minutes! Some audiovisual productions are one-offs, while others are part of a series. Brand films are the future of content marketing, regardless of format or streaming device.

Why are brand films in demand?

Customers’ interactions with brands have changed and are still changing. A brand film is not a commercial, and commercials no longer work. The amount of time you have to hook your target audience is decreasing along with attention spans. This means that you require excellent cinematography, tastefully placed visuals, enduring music, an engaging story, and likable characters. In order to keep your audience’s interest, your brand film’s production quality must be excellent. Brand films are intentionally developed to speak with their viewers as if the film were created only for them.

One target group pushing the relevance of brand films is the millennial generation. According to research, 80% of millennials pay attention to video material when choosing a business, therefore it’s safe to conclude that the brand videos of 2019 captured their interest! Additionally, brand videos go beyond just advertising. They have higher standards and give just as much importance to showing art and creativity as they do a product. The brand film is well worth the higher production expenditures because they result in better sales and brand recognition.

What aspects should be included in a brand film?

Concentrating on your company’s values and how they relate to the values of your target audience is the key to creating a rhetorically effective brand film. A “call to action” to encourage your viewers to share, like, or discuss your brand should ideally be included in your video. A brand film needs to feel genuine and engaging for viewers to not quickly forget the content. The best brand films have a creative, meaningful video strategy that prioritizes audience connection by demonstrating that you share their values and interests.Both the audience and your company’s identity are important to brand videos.

A smart marketing film should also convey your aspirations for expanding that influence as well as the impact you have already had on your industry. Put yourself in the audience’s shoes as a force that is advancing and urging them to follow. Personify business. Identify connections. Trust in the brand of your business is increased. 

So what must you take into account when creating your brand film?

Your brand’s purpose 

Your company’s objective serves as the inspiration for a brand film. Your goal should be to describe who you help or service, how you can help them, and how you can use the emotion surrounding that to frame your work.


Focusing on your company’s principles and doing so in a way that shows your target audience that you share their values will help make your brand film interesting.

Telling tales

Everyone has a motivation for doing what they do, and your brand is no different. You probably can produce a tale or anecdote about your company that sums up its purpose and core principles.

Be yourself and keep things simple

Keep your attention on the important ideas you want your target audience to retain. To express the personality of your brand, use the tone of your movie. Is your brand professional or friendly, daring or sensible? Use your brand film to introduce yourself to potential and present customers.

Well, How Exactly Can Branded Short Films Aid in the Marketing of Your Company?

Branded short videos use powerful narrative to effectively engage your audience and build brand loyalty. They also show that you prioritize quality and vision above things like sales and merchandise. Making a relationship with potential clients is the foundation of branding. The greatest method to develop a relationship with your audience is to establish a strong intellectual and emotional connection; storytelling is the most efficient way to do this. Work with branded video production experts to develop a unique video that shows the history of your company, the values you uphold, and the causes you support.

Such an experienced video production company as Klara Fardiga Films possesses all the best tools available to create high-quality video material for your company. Your marketing strategy might be missing a piece, so why not consider making a polished, branded short film? By doing so, you may have an enormous influence on your business and customers. This is done by using just the appropriate messaging and eye-catching visuals. Schedule a quick conversation with them today to get going.

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