How to Create a Successful Video Campaign: What to Ask!


Digital marketing effectively uses many online strategies to strengthen one’s brand and increase visibility. According to 75% of marketers, digital marketing helps them build business trust among their customers. Also, video content is the newest way to market something since social media sites like Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook focus on videos. Hence, with the increasing demand for video content, many brand and industry influencers are focusing on creating different types of content to meet the rising need.
Suppose you are a digital marketer who just entered the field of video campaigns. In that case, you should know that you are not alone and that creating a successful video campaign is relatively easy. You can set up a great video campaign with proper knowledge and guidance.

10 Questions to ask before you create a video campaign

Answer the following ten questions to determine what video works well for your brand.

What are your goals?

It is the basic question you should ask yourself before planning your video campaign. There are many reasons a brand creates a video campaign; the most fundamental reason is that they want to increase their visibility on the internet. Do you want to educate people about your service or brand? Do you want to create funny and engaging videos to drive new leads? Or do you want to increase your online presence? Once you find the goal for your video, you can go to the next step of video making. Determining the goals also helps you find what type of video will suit your needs.

Who is your target audience?

A brand may focus on a single or multiple types of audiences. Different audiences have different preferences and needs. You should decide your video’s tone, voice, and style based on your audience. Many things, such as gender, age, and location of your audience, play essential roles in deciding the content of your video. Make a video that makes your audience respond to your video campaign. Do you want your audience to purchase the products you manufacture? Are you targeting other companies that may want to work with you?

How many videos are necessary?

The ideal number of videos you should create depends on the goal, timeline, and type of your campaign. If you want to create an informative or educational video regarding your different services or products, a set of videos for each product or service will be fine. You can create short tutorial videos for all your products, explaining how to use them. However, one video is enough if it has a single purpose, like an introduction video. If you are thinking about creating a testimonial video campaign, you can prepare up to 5 testimonial videos and publish them weekly.

How long should your videos be?

The length of the video is essential. If your video is shorter, it will be able to deliver your message; if it is longer, it will bore your audience. The length of the video also depends on what platform you will post it on. For instance, a minute-long video will work if you create a Facebook ad. For YouTube, create a video covering all goals, such as the importance of the product, how to use the product, and other goals. However, you should know that creating a one-minute-long video takes more than one minute. Creating a video takes more time and effort, so set ideal timelines to avoid deadlines and move forward with your digital marketing strategy.

What type of video do you want to create?

There are a lot of video ideas available for you to make. You can create eye-catching animations, scripted ads, customer testimonials, instructional videos, and more. Keep your video creative but don’t try to make it overly creative or funny so you forget to put essential information in the video.

Keep your brand’s identity and niche in your mind before choosing a type for your video. If your brand is related to tradition or ethnicity, you should make videos that feature who you are and what your customers value. If you are a tech-based brand, you can create animated videos explaining how your product works.

Is your video content valuable for people?

Make sure your target audience finds your video valuable after watching it. If people don’t perceive your brand as essential and trustworthy, converting potential leads into customers is almost impossible. You should know your audience’s demands and what they want to learn more about through your video. You can inspire new people who are unknown to your brand with your story. You can also add value to your video by providing customer discounts and rewards.

Who is creating the video for your campaign?

Most organizations and brands have a video production department. If you have a video production team, you can leave all the work to them. However, if your video production team is already busy making other videos for the company, you will need an outside video production agency that addresses your needs. If you’re working with an agency or a professional, ensure they can handle these four challenges in video making: reach, volume, cost, and management scale.

What is the medium for your video?

Distribution strategy is essential as different platforms have different types of audiences. For instance, YouTube is the most popular social media platform where you can publish your videos and get noticed by your target audience. According to statistics, 89% of marketers have chosen YouTube for video marketing in recent years. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and Instagram are other social channels where you can publish your video. You can also include your video in email campaigns, newsletters, press releases, and sales assets you send.

What action do you want people to take after watching your video?

If you want viewers to respond to your video campaign, you should create a video with a clear and consistent call to action. Encourage your viewers to take further action by creating engaging content, making your customer want to know more about your brand and products. You can create a CTA based on the level of viewers in the buyer’s journey. You can add a link to your website to send potential leads to your website and increase its traffic.

How are you going to measure your video’s performance?

A report states that 73% of consumers claim that they make purchasing decisions after being influenced by the brand on social media platforms. You can generate more customers and increase sales if your video performs well.
When you set a goal for your video campaign, you will need a scale to track and measure it. You can use Google Analytics to provide a report of your website’s performance. For analyzing specific videos, you will have a free advanced player that provides the overall performance of your video. You can check these details about the video, including who’s watching, when they watch, for how long, etc.

In Nutshell

These questions help you find a well-defined strategy for making video content. Put your plan in writing and ask your team or professional to finalize the details and make necessary adjustments. However, If you are still deciding whether to take the first step to create a video campaign, work with an agency or professionals to get your videos done.