Insights and Forecasts for Ecommerce Video Advertising in 2023

Running an ecommerce store is challenging for many reasons, and rising competition is challenging. Ecommerce businesses should find innovative business marketing approaches to deal with the competition. A business can do well against competition if it comes up with unique ways to market its products and brand itself.

Videos have become useful tools for business branding nowadays. Ecommerce stores can use videos to promote their brands and products. Moreover, you can improve ecommerce sales to a significant extent through video marketing. A well-planned video marketing campaign will give your company a competitive advantage.

Why Is Video Marketing Important in Ecommerce?

According to a report, more than 244 million people watch digital videos in the USA alone. In most cases, people use smartphones and laptops to access these videos. However, a sizable proportion of viewers come from smart televisions. Videos are more engaging and attention-grabbing than other types of advertisements.

Another report says that more than 80% of online businesses have admitted that growth is directly connected to video marketing. Therefore, it is obvious that more businesses will invest in video marketing nowadays. Businesses that sell things online should develop unique and creative ways to improve their video advertising campaigns and get the most out of the money they put into video marketing.

So, how can you improve the video marketing campaign? In the following section, you can find useful tips and video marketing trends to improve the campaign’s outcome.

  1. More Use of the Video Funnel

A video marketing funnel is similar to the content marketing funnel for your ecommerce brand. A video marketing funnel will assist the audience in completing a buyer’s journey. Such marketing campaigns start with educating the audience about the product. For example, a fashion ecommerce brand should educate its audience about global fashion trends and various tricks.

The audience will learn more about your products and services at the end of the video funnel. The video marketing campaign should express how products from your ecommerce store can improve a person’s lifestyle. Putting together an interesting video marketing funnel will bring the best results for your business in the long run.

  1. Live Videos for Real-Time Selling

Instead of the videos shot with a script, the live videos may have a more significant impact. Many ecommerce sellers use social media platforms to sell products through live videos. During the live video session, the seller talks about the products and answers 

questions from people who might be interested in buying them.

Because buyers and sellers can talk to each other directly through live videos, the conversion rate may be higher. Many buyers need more confidence about buying things online as they have a few questions. The product description may need to provide the answers to those questions. Therefore, live sessions may become more trustworthy and useful for potential buyers.

  1. 360-Degree Videos

Videos are crucial to represent a product in a better manner. Presenting a product in a better way will eventually help ecommerce traders increase the conversion rate to a significant extent. Instead of a few general product photographs, people want three-dimensional views of the products. The best way to render a 3D product view is to switch to 360-degree video.

Creating such videos will enhance your video marketing campaign’s efficiency and attract more buyers to your ecommerce store. You will find hesitant people converting into buyers due to the 360-degree product videos. Small and large ecommerce businesses can get amazing results from making the right videos to market their products.

  1. Production of Search-Optimized Videos

Search-optimized video production is essential to obtaining success with the video marketing campaign. How can you create search-optimized videos? The best way to create such videos is to spread awareness instead of selling a product. Search engines want to showcase content that will be more useful to audiences.

You should also pay attention to the video’s description, caption, and other details and make unique, information-packed videos. All these crucial things matter for improving the search engine friendliness of the videos.

  1. Vlogging for Ecommerce Brands

Vlogging can be a useful business marketing tool for ecommerce stores. Ecommerce businesses can work with vloggers and other “influencers” to make videos like this for the people they want to reach. When a famous vlogger reviews the products and services of your ecommerce store, people will find more reasons to purchase your products.

Though such campaigns are paid campaigns, the videos should not look promotional. The vloggers should review the products of an ecommerce store in an unbiased manner. Moreover, discussing the product’s benefits and uses is important to educate potential buyers.

  1. Collaborating with Social Influencers

Collaborating with influencers is essential to improving the productivity of video marketing campaigns. The most important thing is finding influencers who can benefit your business. For example, one can benefit from a gadget-selling ecommerce store by partnering with social influencers who often talk about various gadgets and review them.

On the other hand, a lifestyle vlogger or blogger may help food, makeup, fashion, and other similar ecommerce stores. Therefore, choosing the right social influencer is essential to improving the productivity of the video marketing campaign for your ecommerce store.

  1. Interactive Videos

Creating interactive videos is the next-level technology in the entertainment industry. Instead of regular videos, you will find interactive videos, which allow the viewers to interact with characters and events in the videos. Similarly, interactive videos will be a game changer for video marketing campaigns.

More businesses will focus on creating interactive videos that can fetch top-notch video marketing results. The interactive videos will be more engaging for the viewers. At the same time, such videos will resolve multiple queries from potential buyers.


So, these are some crucial tips and trends that eCommerce businesses should keep in mind when planning a video marketing campaign. Putting the above ideas into action can significantly affect how many people buy from and stay with your online store. Nevertheless, the ideas will help your ecommerce brand grow quickly if implemented successfully.