Latest Strategies for Social Media Branding


In old times, marketers or companies used to broadcast ads, spread flyers, and publish newsletters to build a brand. Social media has also become another way to spread your brand over the internet. It allows companies to connect with and engage potential customers. According to statistics, 52% of social media marketers experience a positive impact of social media on their company’s revenue and sales. 

Nowadays, many social media platforms, including Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and more, help you engage your audience. However, 27% of social media marketers have difficulty creating engaging content. You will need a strong and advanced social media strategy to create exciting content.

Here’s a list of the latest strategies that help you approach your audience over social media:

Update your social media profile

Covering your basic branding details is essential. You should ensure that all your social media profiles have the same logo, bio, color palette, boilerplate, and handle. You should mention attractive and accurate information about your brand in the bio of every social media account you have. 

Remove any inactive or extra social media accounts you are not using anymore. It helps you focus on the right things. Moreover, remove or delete any controversial content that you may have posted in the past. 

Develop your social media marketing personas

Generally, marketers control various social media platforms and use different social media platforms for different kinds of audiences. For example, most Facebook users are adults in their 40s, while TikTok has a younger audience. You can create different personas specific to your target audience on various social media platforms to help you get engaged with all types of people. 

It also makes finding, creating, and publishing the right content on various networks easier. For the Instagram audience, you can create funny video content to improve your brand awareness on this social media platform. 

Set SMART goals

If you cannot measure the impact of your strategy for your social media branding, you should follow the SMART goals concept. It helps you set an aim for your brand and enables you to grow it significantly. This concept includes five elements: specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely. Consider a single specific goal and achieve it first before focusing on others. Also, ensure that your goal is measurable, relevant, and achievable. Creating deadlines for your goals helps you create timely content, increasing the achievement rate. 

Identify your target audience and connect with them.

Once you have set a goal, you must focus on outlining your target audience. You can research the social media platform user’s behavior and preferences. It would be best if you focused on finding out who your typical clients are, their ages, gender, what appeals most to them, and their level of education. When you know your target audience, you can decide what kind of content is best for your brand. It also helps determine which social media platforms need priority. It enables marketers to deliver better customer retention and customer satisfaction. 

Establish brand voice & tone for your social media

Brand tone and voice are also essential factors in spreading brand awareness. Most users unfollow marketers due to poor product quality and customer service. Hence, you should maintain a friendly and supportive tone on social media. Your brand’s voice on social media should be casual, funny, and sometimes authoritative. You should also avoid posting everything about yourself and your products or services. Also, be honest and natural, so your audience can easily understand you.

Use your brand name and logo.

Creating a brand name and logo is essential to doing business, as it creates a unique identity for your company. You should keep a logo that is clear and easy to see because it helps people tell you apart from other social media marketers. Always use your brand name and logo when you post content on your social media accounts. You can include your brand logo and name on these posts, including Instagram reels, Youtube shorts, Twitter posts, and TikTok.

Produce unique content for the different social media platforms

Social media platforms require different strategies and content to become popular among users. If you use only social media to spread brand awareness, you should use a different branding strategy. For Twitter branding strategy, use hashtags in moderation, and include videos, images, and GIFs in your tweet. Also, keep your tweets brief, respond to your user’s tweets, and give credit if you are using information from others. You can learn about different branding strategies for different social media platforms and use them to improve your brand’s image.

Invest in video content

According to research published by Hubspot, almost all social media marketers agree that video content is an essential part of their strategy. You can use single video content for various social media platforms, such as TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can tell a story about your brand’s journey with video content. Posting a video can create powerful, informative, and funny content. In a video content strategy, there are many effective videos, like testimonials, brand videos, videos from events, and live videos. 

Share content regularly

Consistency is essential in any work. If you want a significant effect on your branding strategies, you should post content regularly. If you are not consistent on social media and rarely post, your audience will forget about your brand, and you will lose a potential customer for your business. Moreover, it is also essential to keep your posting in moderation, as if you post too often, your customers will get irritated and think of you as a clingy brand. You should find out how often you post on various social media platforms to ensure your audience engages with your brand without any problems.

Find and join communities and groups.

Finding a target audience is the best way to enhance your brand’s image. You can find groups and communities dedicated to certain topics and industries. It helps your brand get more exposure to target audiences. Joining social media groups for branding also enables you to gain confidence, new ideas, and a guide for the strategy. It also keeps you motivated and helps you overcome any challenge in the way of your goals. 

Learn influencer marketing

Understanding influencer marketing helps you reach your branding goal quickly. Many marketers work with an influencer with a lot in common with the people they want to reach. You can study multiple influencers in your niche and have a friendly relationship with them. You can also use influencer marketing tools to increase your brand’s visibility. 

Humanize your social media accounts

Social media is a place where people interact with other people. People don’t like social media brand accounts that resemble machine behavior. Always try to respond to the comments and retweets of your audience to keep the conversation going. You can also post video content about the activities your team does at your company, as it will help develop a connection with your audience. You can also make a video of an event showing your team playing a game or 

doing something outside.

Wrapping Up

If you carefully use the latest branding strategies, social media will help your business grow quickly. Most marketers think that video campaigns have the potential to create strong, engaging content that can help change your business.