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The pandemic has taught many lessons, and businesses have adopted many changes after 2020. Besides running a business from a virtual platform, businesses should also learn to make various changes to their marketing. During the pandemic, the eCommerce industry has noted incredible growth. A report says that online sales have increased by 43% around the world during the pandemic.

While the pandemic has created opportunities for online businesses, it has also drawn strong competition. Nowadays, a business has to compete with several other businesses to find more leads and convert the leads into buyers. Using innovative marketing techniques can improve your business’s overall conversion and retention rates. Animated videos often grab attention more quickly than other videos. As a result, using animation has become the key to running successful online business marketing campaigns.

Reasons Why Animation Is Pandemic-Proof

Animated videos for business marketing can yield amazing results in different scenarios. Many businesses had to ensure financial losses during the pandemic. On the other hand, online stores have seen a big increase in sales because of the pandemic. In such a scenario, business marketing is essential for both businesses. With a good marketing campaign, your business can get out of the temporary slump and find a sales boost. On the other hand, well-run business marketing campaigns should help online businesses keep growing during the pandemic.

Typically, a marketing campaign that indulges in animated videos often becomes costly. However, it also brings an excellent return on investment. On the other hand, a well-run business marketing campaign will give you a quick return on your money. In the next section, explain why animated videos are essential for your business campaign after the pandemic.

Customizable to suit business requirements

The animated videos are customizable to suit your business requirements with precision. Every business wants to create a unique branding campaign. Animation helps you create unique mascots to draw the attention of potential buyers. On the other hand, animation also brings a touch of uniqueness to your campaign.

A business should find a professional animation video developer to create a customized animation video campaign. The videos can be used anywhere, according to your requirements. For example, videos are useful for online marketing nowadays. On the other hand, you can also use the videos to run advertising campaigns on local television channels.

Easy to Create and Update Remotely

You can hire an animation expert from anywhere in the world. Various animation video developers work remotely with their clients. During the pandemic, it was difficult for businesses to communicate with their business marketing team. Since you cannot visit them physically, business marketing campaigns lack customization according to your requirements.

But, it will not be a hassle to work with an animated video developer, as you can communicate online easily. The developers can work remotely from anywhere and provide service according to your requirements. They can upload animated videos from anywhere, and you can check them before finally using them for your business marketing campaign.

The availability of animated video developers on virtual platforms has also made hiring such services easier. You have multiple options for such services. Moreover, you can negotiate prices with different services and choose the provider that offers the lowest deals.

Better Engagements and Interactions

According to the studies, 90% of the information transmitted to the human brain is visual. The same report also claims that visual content is 60,000 times easier to perceive than text content. Therefore, most businesses want to create visual content to attract potential buyers. In such a scenario, animation has emerged as a game changer in business marketing.

Animated videos are easy-to-understand, and you can improve the conversion rate through such videos. In other words, you enjoy a better chance of converting video watchers into buyers for your products or services through animated videos. Animation has an unmatched capability of attracting potential buyers to your business.

Long-Lasting Impression

According to the reports, around 80–85% of video marketers said that animation makes their videos more engaging. The same report also states that video marketers prefer animation to create a lasting impression among their target audiences. Nowadays, you are surrounded by various visual advertisements. In such a scenario, the animation is crucial to leave an impactful impression.

Since you watch various visual stuff, it often becomes difficult to remember what you have seen elsewhere. But animation will create a long-term impression, and buyers will remember your brand when they reach shops to purchase the products. Therefore, animation improves the visibility and impact of your business advertisement campaign.

Bring Life to the Brand Identity

Many businesses struggle for years to develop a positive and impactful brand identity. Some businesses fail miserably at creating a strong brand identity. On the other hand, the struggle continues for many businesses to strengthen brand value. In such a scenario, businesses must find innovative approaches to improve brand value.

Animation is such a medium that can bring life to your brand identity. Your business can grow as a brand at a faster pace. Moreover, animation gives a unique identity to your business in a competitive business environment. For instance, think about a business that competes with many other businesses that have similar products to offer to buyers. Buyers will reach the company that uniquely represents the brand.

Improved Conversion Rate

For a long time, the success of a business has been determined by its conversion rate. A seamless business conversion rate will improve your business’s profitability. Moreover, it also helps businesses grow quickly. The conversion rate is the rate at which the leads are converted into buyers. A business that can do this precisely will emerge victorious in the long term.

Animated videos can improve the conversion rate of your business in many ways. Firstly, it creates a good impression among the leads, increasing the conversion rate. Secondly, animation thoroughly explains complex products. As a result, it improves the products’ or services’ overall conversion rate.

Social Media Buzz

Social media plays a crucial role in business marketing campaigns nowadays. Most businesses want to improve their visibility through social media marketing. However, special media has become a competitive space. Therefore, branding through social media is not easy.

Investing in unique content development practices is the best way to create social media buzz. For example, animation can prove helpful in creating social media buzz. Most people on social media will fall in love with animated videos. Therefore, your business will gain the much-needed buzz around its brand identity.

Quick Tips for Creating Business Animated Videos

So far, in this article, you have learned about the benefits of using animation for business marketing after the pandemic. Both small and large enterprises can benefit from animated videos, though small businesses may find affordability issues initially. In the following section, find some quick tips for creating animated videos for your business marketing campaign.

  • Find a Service Provider :

    The most important thing is finding a professional and reliable service provider. The assistance of a service provider will help you achieve the best result with precision.

  • Develop Unique Characters :

    You should develop unique characters and mascots for your animated video campaign. Keeping the long-term aspect in mind is helpful, and creating unique characters is essential.

  • Marketing Mix :

    While using animated videos for business marketing is beneficial, it should not be a redundant practice. You need to use text and image content to create a buzz around your brand.

  • Explainer videos :

    Animation can help explain a complex product or service more simply. Therefore, startups that have come up with unique product ideas should use animation to explain their products.

  • Small Videos :

    Instead of making long and tedious videos, you should create small and crisp videos through animation. While explaining a complex idea, the videos can become lengthy. You can release the video in multiple parts to make the campaign more attractive.


So, these are the reasons why animation matters for the business marketing field after the Covid-19 pandemic. During the pandemic, many businesses struggled with their branding campaigns. But, businesses that embraced animation have surged with exceptional growth rates. Animation can change the outlook of your business, making it more attractive and customer-friendly.