Top 10 Questions to Ask in your Testimonial Video

You may be aware that finding new customers is more difficult than ever.  Expecting to develop your business by turning away new consumers in an era where competition is widespread and lead generation costs are rising is just unsustainable. Your current clients hold the real key.

In reality, referrals from actual individuals are sometimes more reliable than marketing materials and sales representatives. When a customer chooses which firm to give their business to, client reviews and testimonials become even more crucial than word-of-mouth and recommendations from friends.

Statistics show that 92% of people prefer to buy something online after reading customer reviews. Making your consumer believe in your product is made simpler by a more effective video. 

Well! What distinguishes and elevates the testimonial is the information shared in it.  It will be simple to turn visitors into possible clients if the client’s answers to their questions stick in the viewers’ minds. Like you may be seeking the greatest questions to add to the video if you are reading this page.

Why does a company require video testimonials?

Client video testimonials offer the social validation required to assist an individual or group in making a choice.

People typically have difficulty believing a salesperson who is gushing over a product they are supposed to be selling. Thus, positive testimonials from previous clients and their personal experiences may be just what your prospects need to make the decision to use a service/product

The dilemma of how to create a fantastic testimonial video still stands.

The sort of questions you ask will determine the outcome of your entire movie, but there are many considerations to bear in mind while trying to produce a compelling customer testimonial video.

A piece of advice:

Ask questions that can be used to tell a story for your video testimonial. It will assist you in creating a strong sales pitch.

Keep the questionnaire open-ended and stay away from asking provocative questions.

In order to make your subject feel at ease, ask the proper questions and establish a relaxed atmosphere.

Before you do the interview, send your customer the questionnaire so they are aware of the topics you will be covering.

We have researched and come up with the top 10 important questions to ask in your Testimonial Video

1. How does your professional role fit with the service/product

This a wonderful method to learn more about your customer’s work description and how it integrates into the framework of your company

2. What service/product did you use through our company, specifically?

Various services/products could be offered by your business. Focusing on the answer you provide for this specific client will make it easier for viewers to see how you can assist them.

3. What issue were you trying to resolve through the service/product?

Your client will be able to discuss their concerns by answering this question.

It will be something that viewers who are dealing with a similar issue may connect to. Additionally, it will serve as the basis for a strong recommendation.

4. How did it feel before you used our service/product?

By asking this question, you can get your customers to describe their pre-purchase situation in detail. You can use their reaction to show how your company can meet the requirements of other clients.

5. What factors led you to select our services/product?

You may simply encourage other customers to take a step closer to accomplishing what they did by outlining the rationale for picking your goods or services. It provides other customers with a straightforward way to make an informed decision about the good or service. Well! Other viewers might decide whether or not to click the “purchase” button after hearing the answer to this question.

6. Were there any obstacles you face while obtaining the service/product?

This one might assist you in identifying any unidentified problems that might be detracting from the appeal of your offering. This is a chance for you to streamline the purchasing process, which is quite significant.

7. What aspects of our services/products did you like?

Another suggestion to improve the informational and appealing nature of your video material is to specify the product or service in the testimonial video. The likelihood is that the reader will be persuaded and make a purchase if the customer lists the benefits of the goods. Customers will be motivated, and marketers will be made aware of ways to make the company seem more appealing to customers.

Therefore, making sure to ask the client to focus on sharing the benefits and features of the products or services, gives your video a more impressive and productive edge. 

8. Describe a success story that wouldn’t have been feasible without our service/product.

Focus on just one example of success and give your consumer the option to select the one they like best. The fact that they can exchange financial, private, and team-wide anecdotes is the best part. They can even claim that using your product has given them the freedom to spend more time with their families at home. Whatever it is, it demonstrates how important your product is to the success of your clients.

9. Why do you mainly suggest our service/product?

The end goal in terms of choosing whether or not to buy from you will be covered by this response. Since leads are searching for honesty, this inquiry invites clients to offer a frank endorsement of your company.

10. Do you have any additional comments you would like to make about our service or company?

This final query gives the buyer the opportunity to speak freely. This is crucial because not all of the experiences they’ve had with your company may have been covered by your inquiries. You can learn some interesting information about your goods or services that you may not have thought of by allowing the customer to talk freely.

The final word

Your testimonial video may succeed or fail based on the questions you pose. However, if done properly, this kind of material can be profitable because it will assist in generating as well as closing leads successfully