Top Ideas for Real Estate Video Ads to Increase Brand Value

Video marketing is an essential medium for business marketing nowadays. Different businesses use video marketing to attract more buyers. Similarly, video marketing can benefit the real estate industry immensely. Real estate businesses must know the steps to create eye-catching video content to reap the benefits of video marketing.   

Nevertheless, sharing videos on different public domains and social media websites is essential. Getting more viewers for the videos will help you get more potential customers for your real estate products and services. You can follow the tips discussed in the following section for a meticulous video marketing campaign for your real estate business.

  1. Planning Is the Most Crucial Stage

The most crucial stage of video marketing is planning the process of developing the real estate video and then promoting the business through the video. The most important part of video marketing planning is estimating the process’s budget.

A small-scale business or startup company may have budget constraints. However, it is possible to plan a video marketing campaign with a small budget. Perfect budget estimation depends on the following factors.

  • The type of videos you want to develop
  • Length of the videos
  • Equipment to be used for filming the video
  • Techniques to be implemented for video editing
  • Methods of promoting the videos

Your planning stage will be completed when you have accurate answers for the things that are mentioned above.

  1. Analyze the Competitors

The real estate industry is growing, and thus, many players compete. Everyone has to give importance to their rivals, from small to large businesses. It is crucial to track the video marketing activities of rival companies. If you have just started your video marketing campaign, you shall get ideas on producing good content from your competitors.

Tracking their activities will also help you understand how real estate businesses have successfully conducted the video marketing process. To track your competitors’ activities, you can use competitor analysis tools.

  1. Drone Shots Are Trending

For filming a property’s videos, drones are a good idea. Drone shots give the view from the top. Hence, viewers can easily understand the size and dimensions of the property. Nevertheless, drone shots look beautiful.

Therefore, it impresses the viewers easily. When viewers like property by watching the video, your real estate business can expect a better conversion rate; if the property videos are eye-catching, a hesitant viewer can convert into a potential buyer or client for your real estate business.

  1. Maintain Human Emotions in the Videos

Buying a property is a big decision for most people. Hence, it is common for people to spend a lot of time planning before buying a property. There is an emotional connection with purchasing a property; thus, people invest their precious time in researching properties.

When you make a video advertisement to sell a property, you must respect the buyers’ emotions. The advertisement content should not look too promotional. There should be a hint of human emotion. An emotional appeal is the best way to get potential property buyers’ attention.

  1. Feature Satisfied Buyers on the Marketing Videos

Since buying a property is a big financial decision, people hesitate before sealing a deal. Winning the trust of potential buyers is necessary. There are many ways to exhibit your business as a genuine and trusted realtor. Among those ways, video marketing has been regarded as an essential way to build trust.

Instead of plain text-based testimonials, you can feature genuine buyers in your real estate videos. You can quickly shoot small videos of your clients or buyers. It would be best to ask them to share their opinions on your business on camera.

Heaping praise on products or services is only sometimes necessary. You need to make the videos in a way that they look genuine. If the video looks genuine, it will help you build trust. Your real estate business can observe better conversions by promoting such videos.

  1. Use the Power of 360-degree Videos

Today, buyers need more time to visit a property site physically. They choose to visit the properties that look good in videos and photos. Since buyers rely on videos for selecting a suitable property, you need to give more convenience to potential buyers through your videos. Here, the 360-degree videos make an entry into the scene.

A 360-degree view of the property helps the viewers enjoy a virtual tour. 360-degree view of the property exterior is easy to shoot with a drone. You must learn the art of shooting 360-degree video for the property interiors. Property buyers have appreciated such efforts in creating property videos. Buyers will find your real estate business transparent and trustworthy.

  1. Shorter Videos Create Better Impact

If you plan to create videos of your real estate properties, you should make short videos. Videos on different platforms should have different lengths. For putting real estate videos on your business website, you can make videos ranging from 3 to 5 minutes.

For your business’s YouTube channel, videos should be 1-2 minutes long. For social media, videos should be even shorter. According to business marketing experts, only 37% of people watch videos on social media till the end. If your video is lengthy, people will only watch it at the end.

Keeping it shorter will make social media users watch the complete video. Hence, the video length for social media should range between 15 and 30 seconds.

  1. Business Logo and Introduction

Since you are using real estate videos for business promotion, you must strategically place the business logo on the videos. It should be visible to the viewers. However, it must not be too large to spoil the content of the video. Creating a short and unique video introduction can also help in better business branding through real estate videos.


So, these are the tips real estate businesses should keep in mind when conducting business marketing campaigns. The businesses that adhere to these tips and tricks can enjoy a healthy competitive edge over the other businesses. Moreover, a well-planned video marketing campaign will fetch a long-sustaining positive impact on your real estate brand.