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Animations have changed a lot since they were first made, but they have always helped the advertising business. Animated ad videos are great marketing tools for the current world. According to a report by MarketingSherpa, marketing video content can attract up to 300% more traffic to a website. 

Many brands and industries know how important animation is and can make effective animated ads. However, if you still think that animation is for children, you can learn from and take inspiration from successful examples of animated commercials from other brands. 

The origin of animation in the commercial film business

Joseph Plateau discovered the phenakistoscope, the first real animation device, in 1832. Animated ads came into force in 1899 with ‘Matches: An Appeal.” Arthur Melbourne Cooper used the stop motion animation technique to create the first commercial video. This video features a match-stick character writing on a blackboard, imploring the viewers to send cigarettes to British soldiers serving overseas. 

However, in 1941, the ‘Botany Lamb’ series of animated ads were released. They are often considered the first animated television commercials. Animation has improved as time goes on. These days, the commercial industry creates an untold amount of animated ads because they are cost-effective and make advertisements more interesting.  

Notable animation in the advertising industry

Here are some outstanding animated commercials which help you understand the value of animated ads for your business. 

Nike Presents: Air Reinvented

Nike is a well-known company for sneakers. They took help from animated commercials and released an ad campaign for their latest redesigned sneaker, Nike Air, in 2012. They used pop-art 2D animation and combined them with real photos about the brand and its product to show their journey and the evolution of the new iconic Air Max line. The commercial video successfully honored its previous sneaker design and informed viewers about the new model. The animation of the commercial is stylish and relevant. They used hip music, highlighting when the video pays attention to new models. This music and animation made their commercial perfect for a fashion brand. 

Coca-Cola “Catch” video

Coca-Cola has been around for many years, and everyone knows that this company is an expert in advertising. Coca-Cola has often used animated commercials and still focuses on creating animated marketing content. 

Coca-Cola’s Catch video is a legendary commercial that was released in 2012. The video features the polar bears that first appeared in Coca-Cola commercials in 1993. This video shows the meaning and experiences different people have when they share a bottle of Coca-Cola. This outstanding animation paced with Beethoven’s 5th Symphony made the video captivating. 

Levi’s Claymation – ‘Mr Bombastic’

Deiniol Morris and Michael Mort directed the first animated Levi’s spot, Mr. Bombastic. They used claymation technology, an animation technique that involves animated plasticine. The commercial starts with a guy riding a motorcycle; he passes by a burning building and saves a screaming woman from the burning building. The entire video is entertaining and keeps the viewers captivated. They used Robert Livingstone and Orville Burrell’s Boombastic track. The track is perfect for this video as it suits the coolness of the hero. The track adds the humorous spirit of the spot. Moreover, this video was popular in many countries back then. 

Oreo Wonderfilled Great White Shark

Oreo took the advertisement of cookies to the next level. Orea devised an excellent idea of ‘Wonderfilled’ that features adorable sharks and seals. The catchy tunes make this commercial mesmerizing for a long time. The video uses seamless yet straightforward motion to make this ad memorable. 

This ad conveys that sharing cookies can transform even the most feared beast into friends. Oreo also released the Wonderfilled campaign featuring a blood-sucking vampire, the Big Bad Wolf, and more figures. They create creatively animated commercials and put oreo in a unique spotlight.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

It is an inspiring commercial from Android that spreads awareness about anti-bullying. This outstanding minute-long commercial is based on a classic game; rock, paper, and scissors. The video ends with a slogan saying, “Be Together, Not the Same.” Android uses sentimental and uplifting background music that keeps viewers around until the video’s end. 

Android doesn’t use this video for advertising its product or service; instead, they use this heart-warming video to teach its audience about one of the major issues in society across the globe. 

Coca-Cola Happiness Factory

It is another iconic animated ad that Coca-Cola released in 2006. The video shows the amazing journey through Coca-Cola vending machines into a magical world filled with unique characters. Each character worked on bottling and chilling the beverage before sending it to its client outside the vending machine. The video uses 3D animation techniques to create this intriguing fantasy storyline that grabs the audience’s attention. 

Project Sunroof

Google shared a video that explains the complicated concept of solar power in 90 seconds. The animation is simple, and anyone can understand the video as it lacks technical terms. It provides all the necessary information about solar power consumption to many audiences. The animation of this video is pleasant to look at. Google released this commercial in 2015, with 3 million views on YouTube. 

Always Working on our Happy Meal

McDonald’s has launched many animated commercials, usually targeting kids. However, this video, “Always Working on our Happy Meal,” is slightly different as it targets parents. The video uses the stop-motion technique, keeping it close to reality. The video shows how McDonald’s creates better, healthier options for kids. 

The video uses a smooth transition, perfect color, and style, making it super engaging. Every tiny detail has meaning, making this video more appealing. 

Role of animation in advertising

Animated videos are the best way to create effective marketing content for any platform. It is fun to watch and generates more viewer engagement than traditional advertising. Brands usually use these animation types, including stop motion animation, 2D animation, 3D animation, Whiteboard animation, motion graphics, and animation mixed with live action. Nowadays, there are many platforms where you can use your animated ad to attract your audience and generate possible leads. Animated ad videos are the best way to communicate with customers as they easily explain complex business concepts and marketing messages. Statistics show that around 50% of viewers search for a service and product-related video online before they make a purchase.

Various industries, such as educational institutions, financial organizations, crypto-traders, and other companies, can use animated videos to provide their audience with knowledge about their companies. Animated videos also provide consistent content flow, meaning you can present information regularly and explain different things about your brand to your viewers gradually. Moreover, publishing a content-related video to the front page of a website increases the possibility of Google finding your website by 53 times. 


This article helps you find great ideas for animated commercials and new ways to inspire yourself and your team. Nowadays, animation has become crucial for the advertising industry. You can also use animated ads as an effective advertising strategy. It conveys your message to your audience and increases your business reach. Get professional help to create successful animation commercial videos for your brand.

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