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A small business may face several problems trying to get its brand to stand out in the market. One of the biggest problems small businesses face is learning how to use marketing well. Most businesses often collapse because they must spend more on their marketing budget. However, innovative companies understand the value of video marketing. They implement them strategically and enjoy high customer engagement. 

Here, you can learn why and how to utilize video marketing for your small business.  

Why video marketing?

Before you learn ways to use video marketing, learn how it helps small businesses. It will help you set goals for your video marketing performance. Companies use video marketing by incorporating videos into their small business marketing campaigns and strategies. It has a lot of benefits for small businesses, like spreading the word about their brand, boosting sales, and getting more people to buy. 

According to a study, videos help businesses increase their sales by 34%, traffic by 51%, and brand awareness by 70%. By posting videos, you can give your customers a personal medium to engage with your brand. Once you understand how video marketing can help your business, you can create a video to fulfill all your business marketing requirements.

Ways to create a compelling video ad for your small business

An Ad video tells the audience why they should be interested in your brand. It also makes your brand unique from competitors, gets customer feedback, shares your achievements, and creates new channels to connect with your audience. To get all the essential elements in your video, follow these tips:

Keep intro simple

The beginning of your ad video is essential. You want to retain your potential customer with a boring or long intro. Most viewers will only notice the video ad if it can grab their attention in the first few seconds of the video. Start your video with a statement or a question that can spark the interest of your target audience. You can also add a visual to the intro of your video, as video ads can be on mute.

Target the right audience

Everyone can watch your video, but only a few will engage with your brand. You can find your target audience based on age, gender, locality, purchasing behavior, and interest. Once you find your target audience, look for what they search for or watch videos related to your business. Create trendy videos but keep them different from your competitor. You can also create customer testimonial videos featuring your existing customers. It will help more people trust your brand.

Track and measure video performance

You can quickly check the performance of your video from the platform. You can get an insight into how much viewers like your video, which part is the best, and which part makes viewers skip it. It helps you improve your future videos to match your target audience’s preferences. 

Post at the right time

Most people watch videos at a particular time. Posting your ad video at the right time will help you get a lot of exposure. Your video can also become trendy if you choose the peak time to publish it. Also, adding your video to your website can significantly increase your search engine ranking. You can put a timer to inform your viewer when your next video is coming. It will help create some hype among your audience.

Choose the right platform to advertise.

Before making your video, ensure it goes well with all platforms. Keep your video short, as most viewers don’t watch a video longer than 10 minutes. Moreover, different platforms have different ideal lengths for the video. For instance, if you are creating a video for YouTube, create a video of 5 to 10 minutes. For Instagram or TikTok, a short video of 15 to 30 seconds works well. 

Share your expertise

Explainer and “How to” videos are great ways to show your audience how you work and your specialty. It helps encourage viewers to engage with your brand. Most people learn visually, so you can create an animated product demo video to help your audience better understand your product. Add benefits and features why your brand, free trial, product, or unlimited warranty is a must for your audience. 

Partner with influencers

For your small business, you can partner with micro-influencers to get a higher reach for your video. They can create entertaining video content at a low price. They are more affordable, and some are willing to partner with your brand in exchange for complimentary products. 

Use paid social advertising.

Create shareable video content for multiple social media. You can use your existing content in shareable video format. Paid social advertising helps your video get noticed by people unaware of your brand. You can also try email marketing to send the link to your video to your existing customers.

Solve a problem

Generally, people use the internet to find a solution to a problem. Suppose your video successfully demonstrates instructions to solve a problem. In that case, you can get high engagement from your customer. Look out for common issues people are facing currently and find new and effective ways to resolve them. You can also create a video telling people how your product can solve a problem.

Be human

You must show your human side, not only your product or brand. You can create a video showing the environment of your office. You can introduce your employee, company culture, and your employees participating in social activities in your video. Show gratitude towards your customers and say thanks to them in your quick video.

Video content ideas for small business

Here are some examples of video ads you can create for your business’ video marketing campaigns.

Brand story video

Create a video featuring where your brand came from, what motivates you for your business, and your passion for conducting it since you get a large audience willing to watch it. This video content also helps you build a deeper connection with your audience.

Educational video

These videos are essential for all businesses as people learn better about something visually. People also look for videos as they find them effective in providing the correct answer to their problems.

Behind-the-scene video

Allowing your audience to meet the people behind your company will help build trust between them and your brand. It also makes your video authentic so your competitors can’t copy it. 

Product video

Give your audience an explainer video demonstrating how to use your product to encourage viewers to purchase. This video also highlights the key benefits and features of your product.

Social proof video

Social proof videos are a great way to influence people to make purchases. Videos that show people sharing their experiences with your business help others to trust your brand and consider your product the perfect solution for their needs.


Follow all tips for creating a video that ensures high engagement with your audience. Also, get inspiration from the video of other brands and try to make a better video than theirs. Once you have created the first video for your brand, share it with all your social media networks. Planning and scheduling your video across multiple channels will make your work easier.

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